For many centuries large companies, institutions, enterprises and multinationals provide traditional paper, plastic tokens, coupons, discounts, trading stamps, and other sorts of inefficient loyalty programs to their customers.

Now whilst Blockchain is making its appearance, these companies can way easy adapt and together with a 80%+! cost-reduction will sureley implement, to use this new digital format into their customers services programs, creating their own new digital tokens and coins for their customers!

TOKENAP will, together with its Partners, help setting up these programs; steering the creation, issuing and customer services for these 2.0 Blockchain Loyalty Programs.

Think about: Applecoins, Wallmartokens, Shellers, MCDs, Samsungcoins, etc., etc.

How easy can these tokens be spend digitally, collected, saved, and their users behavior be traced in the digital age of the Internet of Things.

TOKENAP will take care of the full Circle. A 100% TKP package including the "Custom made" Token Wallets together with our Tokencard partners!

But first TOKENAP will hold an Ethereum Crowdsale to collect seed funds and the Crowd on board getting this eMoney train going! Presale starting July 7, 2017 on 19:00 UTC TKP tokens against a 75% discount. Start saving now?!


Company name: TOKENAP

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Company contacts: Alwin Roth