TrafficX (TFX) is announcing an upcoming token for a decentralised transportation platform.

The new transportation architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized transportations applications.

There are three main aspects which differentiate TrafficX to its competitors. First it protects users privacy by not sharing any personal information with third parties.

Second TrafficX adds this function as a contribution to reduce traffic and emission in the future.

Third TrafficX also puts events on the map where the user can go to. People can use this application to see what event is being held in their neighbourhood. Students can see science exhibitions, foodies can visit food-events, music lovers can visit concerts. This function will make society more connected.

According to an interview with the development team the far future plan of TrafficX is to work with national scale transport system. They notice that in some countries it is not possible anymore to pay with cash in public transport. This is a burden for many citizens but especially for foreigners. Their vision is to make it possible to pay in public transport worldwide with only one system. With this TrafficX hopes to ease travellers cross borders, reduce traffic and bring more comfort while using public transport.

Since the coming of Uber and other transportation apps the taxi market became more competitive. These systems are well known, successful and mass adopted. These current systems blend with TrafficX innovative technologies to optimise the decentralisation of any kind of traveling national and international.


Company name: TrafficX

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