vDice is only 1-month young. Already they’ve launched the best blockchain based gambling game in Ethereum.

Clearly vDice.io has its sights set on world domination.

Billed as ‘The Best Platform for Ethereum Gambling Contracts’, their game allows users to bet quickly and easily, using the Ethereum blockchain.

Now this can be done directly from the user’s browser, via the leading Ethereum light clients. Users can now play and invest in vDice smart contracts with great ease.

As head designer James Groton notes:

“We’re committed to making vDice as user friendly as possible. We’re all about simplicity at vDice. There is elegance in simplicity.”

James goes on to note:

“Since the initial vDice launch was so successful, we got a lot of attention. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response. People really love what we’re doing. We had all these players asking for all kinds of new features. We considered full light client support the most important, to start with.”

In characteristic vDice style the game has taken the complexity out of Ethereum gaming. The instructions are expressed clearly on the site’s ‘How To’ section.

With so few working Ethereum Dapps, and a lot of scepticism since the DAO hack, all eyes are on vDice. Every live, working Dapp, in production, is proof that Ethereum is more than just hype.


Company name: vDice
Company site: https://vdice.io
Company contacts: James Groton ([email protected] )