Thanks to its innovative AI and deep-learning technology, Verox allows investors to analyze and maximize the potential profit on their crypto investments.

The total crypto market cap has passed $1 trillion for the first time ever this week. Considering the recent uptick in the market value of Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins, the cryptocurrency space has gained significant attention, with some people considering them as actual currencies and others as investment opportunities. Analyzing and researching currencies on a daily basis to find the best investment opportunities have always been a tough mission that is time-consuming and requires a lot of knowledge and experience in the field.

Making a profit is the basic goal of investment or trading, but the inconsistent nature of cryptocurrencies raises huge risks. Usually, investors seek the advice of analysts, and not all decisions are successful. This, in turn, makes it a challenge to correctly predict the future prices of any cryptocurrency.

This is where Verox steps in. With its unique investment solution and the first of its kind backed by artificial intelligence, Verox aims to bring the benefits of investing in the crypto space to everyday people and crypto enthusiasts alike.

“Artificial intelligence is to trading what fire was to the cavemen.” That’s how a key industry player described the impact of the disruptive technology in the crypto space. In other words, AI is a game-changer for the crypto market.

What is Verox?

The Verox platform is the first-ever digital platform for all-in-one DeFi and crypto financial needs. It’s a personalized advisor, product analyzer and a financial content provider. Verox uses AI and deep learning to create a personalized match between the user’s financial needs and the best-suited, most cost-effective financial products. It analyzes any chosen cryptocurrency to find optimal investments in real-time by scanning markets and massive sets of data to locate the best trading/investing opportunities.

How does it work?

Verox works by processing massive and diverse sets of data gleaned from various relevant database sources — crypto data feeds, social media postings, financial statements, charts history, etc. — and runs a variety of predictive models and deep-learning algorithms to produce crypto and DeFi rankings and in-depth analysis of each cryptocurrency.

The resulting information for each cryptocurrency is then deeply analyzed using diversified metrics. First, technical analysis is applied by using a combination of indicators and methods, such as moving averages, pivot points, Fibonacci levels, momentum indicators, chart patterns recognition, etc. Further fundamental analysis is conducted using development news, overall team strength, social media postings and a numeric price prediction engine based on historical price data.

Verox was created out of a clear need to guide beginners and professionals on the hottest investments in the crypto field. Verox will save investors’ time and effort searching and analyzing myriad cryptocurrencies in the hopes of finding the next “moonshot.”

It aims to help people get excellent returns by putting their money in a trustworthy AI investment management that supports faster, more confident decisions to achieve better results.

The CEO of Verox is a seasoned expert with more than seven years of experience in trading and investing in crypto professionally. He’s equally a prominent figure in the crypto community, popular for his largely pinpoint accurate trade recommendations. He’s joined by other pro crypto traders and investors who have several years of experience to form a multidisciplinary team of extremely ambitious and passionate people.

The amazing team behind Verox consists of a group of dedicated experts across various fields such as data science, AI, software engineering, among other domains. The team has previously worked on several notable projects. For instance, the team has been involved in the development of Upstox Pro, an online trading platform with millions of downloads to date.

The AI system is constantly monitored, updated and overseen by a team of experienced crypto traders and coders. Human expertise is fused with AI for above-human abilities in speed, data-crunching power, accuracy and broadened overall market understanding. This human–AI hybridization creates a high level of insight never before seen in crypto and DeFi projects, allowing investors to confidently make informed investment decisions in DeFi and crypto projects using detailed, data-backed analysis.

As it stands now, the latter looks more achievable, considering the project has generated a lot of buzz in the two months leading up to its official launch. The project has attracted big investors and has raised awareness of its massive potential in the larger crypto community.

Verox will adopt different market buy pressure techniques to try to increase the market demand and decrease the supply of the token to help investors and supporters enjoy the maximum possible returns on their VRX investment. This includes the development of a staking decentralized application to allow investors to stake VRX and earn passive income at high annual interest. The maximum VRX supply is pegged at 50,000 to increase its rarity.

In addition, VRX is the only method of value transfer on the platform and will be used for accessing various functions to create demand and promote strong use cases. This way, the price of VRX will steadily increase as more users hold VRX tokens. The token will be listed on multiple exchanges so VRX holders can easily exchange their tokens, with listing profiles set up on Uniswap and Hotbit.

Finally, VRX’s liquidity will be locked for a year once launched to prevent a price dump. This will help to stabilize the price and gain the utmost trust of VRX holders.

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