We are happy to announce that Viewly pre-ICO, is LIVE and will be open until October 12th 3PM UTC.The Pre-ICO contributions will be hard capped at only 4.000 ETH.

Why a decentralised video platform?

Some of the greatest achievements in art and science of human history were made possible by patronage of wealthy institutions and families. Nowadays, cultural expression has shifted to digital content distributed on the web. Web content platforms are in majority using advertising-based revenue model, which makes creators dependent on advertising dollars controlled by few large enterprises.

The incentives between content creators, their viewers and advertisers are inherently misaligned. Viewers are bombarded with pesky ads. Creators are forced to create content, that generates views. Advertisers lose due to inefficiencies in reach and rampant ad-fraud.

That’s why we are building Viewly, a decentralized video platform:

  • A platform without pesky ads where users’ privacy is respected.
  • A place where communities thrive and engagement between fans and creators is highly encouraged.
  • Where creators with small, medium or large-sized audiences can sustain themselves through modern monetisation: a combination of micro-payments, fan patronage, sponsored endorsements and commerce.
  • Where businesses can improve advertising efficiency and lower costs by skipping the middlemen and sponsoring creators and supporting their communities directly.
  • Viewly is a decentralized video platform powered by blockchain and peer-to-peer video sharing technologies.

It is built for creators, by creators.

The Pre-ICO

Pre-ICO is an exclusive deal for the community. We decided not to follow the usual path of going to VCs, and get them a nice seed deal. We will rather give this opportunity to our early followers and our existing community.

In the Pre-ICO we are selling 10% of the token distribution to raise seed funding. The contributions will be hard capped at only 4.000 ETH. The funds raised in the seed round will be used for growing our community, attracting quality content creators, promoting our project, growing the team and technical support for the main token sale, as well as on ongoing research and development.

Pre-ICO details

Minimum cap: 1,000 ETH

Maximum cap: 4,000 ETH

Start time: 3PM UTC, October 5th.

End time: 3PM UTC, October 12th. (7 days)

Total supply of the tokens: 100,000,000 VIEW tokens (100 Million)

Amount of tokens sold during the pre-ICO: 10,000,000 VIEW tokens (10%)

VIEW price with max bonus: 0.000374 ETH

VIEW price (without bonus): 0.000430 ETH


We will have a full ICO in november, and will distribute 40% of the tokens during the crowdfunding campaign, which means that if we just raise 15 million $ during the ICO, the token price would increase by almost 5 fold from the community seed price.

Read more about our roadmap and future plans in our whitepaper.


The Viewly token sale smart contract features token bonus that will reward early contributors. The token bonus will start at 15% at the beginning of sale. As more funds are received, bonus will gradually decrease, hitting 0% when funding cap is reached. Therefore the last token sold will be 15% more expensive than the first token sold at the sale.



Alpha product



Company name: Viewly Inc.

Company site: https://view.ly

Company contacts: Viewly Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Email: info@view.lystefan@view.ly