On September 25th begins the Token Pre-sale of the VISO payment system, which is the most convenient way to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency. The main objective of the VISO project is the highest possible simplification of payments using cryptocurrency. This will be made possible through the creation of an entire ecosystem, which includes a VISO Wallet, bank cards, SMART-Terminals for sales outlets and the VISO Exchange.

VISO offers cryptocurrency owners several card types (VISO Card), which can be used for paying for purchases in ordinary as well as online stores. These can be virtual cards, HCE cards (bank card emulation technology that allows payments through a smartphone), as well as usual plastic cards certified by Visa and MasterCard. Such a set is not offered by any existing systems today. Users have the opportunity to obtain virtual cards or HCE cards within few minutes after opening a wallet and use them to make payments on the Internet or at any bank terminal that can accept contactless payments.

When paying for goods with a card connected to a virtual wallet, the buyer pays in cryptocurrency, which is available on his or her wallet balance. Bitcoin, Etherium or Waves can be tied to the wallet. After that, the cryptocurrency is converted into regular currency on the VISO Exchange. When exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat money, the company's own cryptocurrency VITO (VISO Token) will be used as an intermediary link. The volume of VITO tokens produced is limited to 1 billion. They will be used as a fee for accessing the VISO infrastructure and for paying for transactions. A wide group of VISO card users will ensure a stable demand for VITO. The seller receives money in the required currency in his account. The process of transferring money will take very little time and will not require any additional actions.

An important component of the ecosystem are the VISO SMART-Terminals, the presence of which will allow merchants to accept payments in the cryptocurrency, even if the buyer does not have a VISO Card on them, as it will suffice to just scan the QR code. Representing a new generation of terminals, these devices combine bank terminals, cash registers and payment terminals. They enable various mobile applications for Android OS, and can integrate with an accounting system, turning into a full-fledged cash register. Servicing one such universal device is much cheaper, which is important for small businesses. Users of SMART-Terminals will get access to some additional services from VISO.

All this will provide an opportunity to build a developed infrastructure that allows you to easily and quickly pay using cryptocurrency at any point of sale or when making purchases on the Internet. Initially, the project will be launched in Georgia, a small country with a stable economy, developed payment infrastructure and no restrictions on payments in cryptocurrencies by the national bank. Yet the creators of VISO have far-reaching plans and do not intend to be limited to only one market. In the future, they plan to enter markets of other countries.

Overall, at least $ 1 million USD is planned to be collected during the Token Pre-sale. Then, during the Token Sale, up to $ 25 million are planned to be collected, and the larger the amount, the wider the possibilities of the system launched. If the necessary amounts are not collected, the funds will be returned to investors.

VISO Company was founded in Georgia in 2017. VISO Company has developed an eponymous full-cycle payment system that includes an entire set of technologies for accepting payments at points of sale and making payments and purchases with conventional currency, payment cards, and cryptocurrency. VISO Company’s partners are the companies that have succeeded in their lines of business.






Company name: VISO Payments

Company site: https://viso.global

Email: team@viso.global