Singapore, Feb. 21, 2022 — Voltage Finance, formerly FuseFi and a cutting-edge, all-in-one decentralized finance (DeFi) platform on Fuse Network, today announced the official launch of the Voltage DAO governance token, Volt.

Backed by top blockchain venture capitals

A successful private fundraising round was announced in December with $2.3 million raised from major institutional investors. A final private round closed in February and brought the total to $3.4 million. Voltage Finance is proud and fortunate to be backed by some of the most influential and value-add venture capitals (VC), including Spark Capital, TRGC, Collider Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Tectona, Exnetwork Capital, Blockchain Founders Fund, Node Capital, Sheesha Finance, LVT Capital, MVST:MG, AngelDAO, ZBS Capital, MetaVest Capital, Alpha Sigma Capital and Shima Capital.

Important Dates for the Volt launch 

Those wishing to participate in the public rounds of the Volt token launch can find information about launchpads as well as a dedicated round for Fuse tokenholders below. 

Preparing for a mainstream audience

So far, the DeFi industry has largely failed to spread beyond the relatively small community of tech-savvy, experienced crypto enthusiasts. Users frequently face exorbitant fees or complicated user interfaces, creating significant barriers to access. 

Voltage Finance has been built to tackle the mass-adoption obstacles facing DeFi head-on: 

  • The consumer-facing Fuse Cash mobile wallet integrates Voltage, allowing users to exchange crypto assets in a slick, friendly interface with zero fees.
  • Scalability and transaction-cost issues are solved using the layer-1 Ethereum Virtual Network-compatible Fuse Network blockchain. 
  • Other features include direct, mobile bank-to-crypto onboarding in 170-plus countries and interest earnings on the platform-native stablecoin, FuseDollar (fUSD), of up to 50% annually. 

The platform aims to strike the ideal balance in serving highly experienced DeFi enthusiasts while ensuring that new entrants to the crypto and DeFi space are taken care of via user-friendly products and services. 

TGE, airdrop, staking, DEX listing and farming pools. 

An airdrop is planned to reward users who have been part of the Voltage Finance and Fuse Network journey. Details of this, including how the snapshot was taken and how Volt tokens can be claimed, will be communicated at about the same time as the token generation event (TGE). 

The TGE is expected to take place around Thursday, March 3 — subject to change — and will coincide with Volt being listed on decentralized exchanges, the first farming pools being launched and Volt-staking going live. 

For more information and to interact with the community: