The Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore was the epicenter of the gaming world from Sept. 11 to 12 as it hosted the Web3 Gaming Summit 2023. This monumental event, co-organized by ABGA and DeGame as part of TOKEN2049, attracted a staggering 4,300 attendees, underscoring the global excitement surrounding Web3 gaming.

The summit’s theme, “New era for gameplay,” set the tone for two days of insightful discussions, presentations and collaborations. The event brought together the brightest minds from both Web2 and Web3 sectors, offering a holistic view of the gaming industry’s evolution.

Day one commenced with presentations from Linea, DeGame and Particle Network, shedding light on the Linea gaming ecosystem. The afternoon was marked by the much-anticipated hackathon finals, co-hosted by ABGA, Klaytn, Iskra and CESS. This segment showcased groundbreaking gaming products from the top-10 teams, highlighting the innovation brewing in the Web3 gaming space.

The second day began with a keynote from ABGA’s CEO, Kevin Shao. He delved into the burgeoning world of cross-chain games and the potential advantages brought by AIGC. His insights were complemented by Sébastien, chief operating officer of The Sandbox, who discussed the growing affinity of Generation Z toward NFTs and digital asset ownership.

Besides, more Web3 leaders shared insights, challenges and the transformative potential of integrating blockchain into gaming.

Sébastien from The Sandbox emphasized the growing affinity of Generation Z toward NFTs and digital assets, highlighting The Sandbox’s continuous efforts to nurture this creator culture. Aloysius Chan of AI Meta Club brought to light the security challenges in blockchain, suggesting that AI could be the key to integrating Web3 games without the need for GameFi.

Brilliantcrypto’s Hugo Church introduced the gaming world to the concept of “proof of gaming,” suggesting a future where NFT enthusiasts could own in-game assets. Kordan Ou of KryptoGO addressed the challenges of transitioning from Web2 to Web3, proposing solutions to enhance user experience and retention.

Steve Good from Dreams Quest unveiled their upcoming RPG game, while Carol Wang of MarsProtocol discussed Ethereum’s centralization challenges. Lester Li of DeGame and Hara of Jasmy Labs both emphasized the rapid evolution and growth of the Web3 gaming infrastructure.

Jake Liu of Planet Hares and Henry Ferr of MetaCene both touched upon the importance of game longevity and user experience in the Web3 domain. Karen Kao showcased BoxTradEx as a comprehensive Web3 gaming portal, while Jae Kim of Luniverse highlighted the benefits of multichain infrastructure.

Yawn from STEPN and Shukyee from Polyhedra introduced innovative concepts, emphasizing hypersocialization in Web3 and the advantages of zkBridge technology, respectively. Lastly, Sami Chlagou of Cross the Ages underscored the challenges and nuances of transitioning games from Web2 to Web3.

The Web3 Gaming Summit 2023 was not just about individual presentations but also featured in-depth roundtable discussions that delved into the core challenges and opportunities in the Web3 gaming landscape:

  • Navigating the future of Web3 gaming: Luna of Combo, key industry figures like Hassan Ahemd of Coinbase, Lennix Lai of OKX, Mih Ho of Coin98,and Sanjay Popli of Cryptomind discussed the current phase of Web3 gaming, emphasizing the importance of playability before tokenization. The consensus was that the next phase would prioritize game-friendly infrastructure and the integration of NFTs, moving beyond just tokens.
  • Identifying the ideal game genre for blockchain: This discussion, featuring insights from Tracy of, Vera of Apecoin DAO, Dreamer of Defi Kingdom, Lucaz Lee of Affyn, William Guo of PlayEstates, and Mary Ma of MixMarvel revolved around understanding the audience and the significance of user experience in Web3 games. The panelists highlighted the potential of card collection games and the need for more user-friendly Web3 technologies.
  • VC interest in Web3 gaming: JT Law from IVC, Kelvin Koh from The Spartan Group, Jason from Folius Ventures, James from Animoca Ventures and Wesley of Rootz Labs explored the investment landscape for Web3 gaming. While there’s optimism about the influx of talented game developers into the Web3 space, there’s also caution about overvaluation and the need to understand the unique dynamics of the crypto community versus the traditional gaming industry.
  • Public chains’ role in the gaming ecosystem: Shukyee of Polyhedra, Alvin Kan of Sei Foundation, Mr. Walter of BNB Chain, Hazel Zhang of AELF, and John Cho of Klaytn Foundation delved into how public chains can bolster the Web3 gaming ecosystem. The discussions touched upon enhancing user experience, the potential of DAOs in game governance, and the anticipation of a shift from traditional gaming to the Web3 domain.

ThreeDAO’s Creator Training Camp launch was another noteworthy segment, promising to guide over 50 creators on their Web3 journey with mentorship from industry leaders.

In conclusion, the Web3 Gaming Summit 2023 was more than just an event, it was a testament to the industry’s rapid evolution and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. As the curtains fell on this year’s summit, there was a palpable sense of anticipation for what the future holds for Web3 gaming. With pioneers like ABGA and DeGame at the helm, the horizon looks promising.