Webit Virtual hosted 12.000 simultaneous virtual attendees watching the interview with the legendary crypto investor Tim Draper, Softbank’s Managing Partner and the founder of EarlyBird Ventures. 

Some of the world's forward thinkers say that our society shall never be the same after the Coronavirus pandemic and humanitarian crisis. 

One of the implications was the cancelling of thousands of events. Webit Foundation also had to make the unthinkable decision - to cancel the celebration of the in-person edition of Webit Festival 2020 which was planned to be celebrated in June in Valencia (stay tuned for more news). 

But the cancelation notice came with surprising news from the Webit Foundation - making the announcement of Webit Virtual. 

Webit Virtual became the first in the world truly virtual event providing an immersive experience for all attendees, powered by the virtual events platform – the Virtual.Show

Every weekday at 17:00 CET, Webit Virtual welcomes a global audience  of over 12,000 simultaneous viewers from over 150 countries. The 1 hour, daily program hosts Prime Ministers, Presidents, global forward thinkers, business and academia leaders, investors and media reaching out to over 800,000 digerati, policy makers, founders, innovators and people with common values and big hearts from the Global Webit Community. 

Webit Virtual  has outnumbered the in-person edition attendees by ten fold reaching to hundreds of thousands of viewers! 

On Wednesday 29.04.19 at 17.00 CET  Webit Virtual Blockchain program hosted by the Executive Chairman of Webit - Dr. Plamen Rusev  shall meet you with Roger Ver, also known as the Bitcoin Jesus (Executive Chairman Bitcoin.com) in a fireside chat about “Can Blockchain be a solution for the upcoming economic crisis. The Program is going to be moderated by Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, Managing Editor at Cointelegraph: click here to sign up for free for the live program and to ask questions to Roger Ver.

Roger is currently involved in various crypto currency blockchain related projects. His current investments include Bitcoin, Blockchain, BitPay, Kraken FX and many others. Roger is going to share his idea of how blockchain/ crypto currency can be a solution for the world. 

Further this week on Friday (01.05.19)  at 17.00 CET as usual, the Webit Virtual Program is hosting an honest discussion on one of the most pressing and important issues for the society these days: “Information and disinformation in the face of COVID-19.”

Some of the top global journalists and leaders in the media world will have the possibility to use the independent platform of Webit Virtual to make an overview of the most important happening lately and to share about the challenges that they are  facing on their way towards the truth. 

The special panelists, hosted by Dr. Plamen Russev, include Spriha Srivastava- Executive of  Editor Business Insider, Elisabeth Brier- Assistant Editor at Forbes, Laurence Lee - Senior Correspondent Al Jazeera Network, Ru A. Kermani, News Presenter, BBC.

Sign up, watch live and ask your questions with #Webit over Twitter at virtual.webit.org.