GroupFuturista organized a very insightful webinar under its Futurecast Series on Feb. 24, 2021.

The second edition of the “Future of Chatbots & Conversational AI” webinar was sponsored by some of the biggest organizations in utilizing the power of conversational artificial intelligence across various industries that are Linc, eGain and ServisBot.

The expert keynote speakers from leading financial and technology industries spoke in length about the transformation that conversational AI and chatbots can bring in the near future, along with utilizing AI and machine learning to scale up businesses and deliver personalized customer experiences.

  1. Mark Towler from NatWest Group presented how conversational AI can improve customer experience.

  2. Robert Skaljin from TD Bank spoke about the usage of conversational intelligence in building a smart bot.

  3. Cathal McGloin from ServisBot delivered a keynote on how to expand and scale conversational AI experiences with a multi-bot approach.

  4. Durk Stelter from Linc Global explained the future possibilities of conversational AI in 2021 and how organizations can leverage it.

  5. Sam Jebeli-Javan from Citi North America Operations spoke about omnichannel chatbots with building a business case and getting buy-in, building out, and scaling.

  6. Dola Fashola from HSBC delivered on how conversational AI can power the future of banking.

Lastly, the panel discussion was the highlight of the whole webinar, where Richard Hurst moderated the session on “A New Era of Automation with Conversational AI.” The panelists included Stelter, Skaljin, McGloin and Jebeli-Javan.

The Summit concluded with the announcement of the upcoming webinars “Future of Cloud Security Management,” “Future of Workflow Automation for FI 2nd Edition” and “Future of Biometric Authentication” to be held on March 9, 2021, March 24, 2021, and April 9, 2021, respectively, at 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT. Please visit our website for the registration details