Women in Blockchain Talks announced its biggest event yet, slated for March 13 to 15 in Limassol, Cyprus, to coincide with International Women’s Day.

The summit will bring together blockchain enthusiasts, industry experts and special guests to reflect on Women in Blockchain Talk’s monumental rise and take a look at the past, present and future of blockchain, how it can be leveraged, and in doing so, create a space for all. There will be an array of international speakers and workshops, including Web3 and Metaverse advisor Martha Boeckenfeldm; Soulla Louca, director of the institute for the future at the University of Nicosia; Myrtle Anne Ramos, CEO of Blocktides; and Rachel Muldoon, commercial barrister at The 36 Group, who led the first UK legal case to recognise NFTs as legal private property. Other speakers will include leading legal minds, artists and entrepreneurs in the blockchain space.

Women in Blockchain Talks is the United Kingdom’s leading diversity-driven blockchain education and networking ecosystem. The platform aims to amplify underrepresented voices within blockchain in order to give the skills and confidence to anyone — regardless of age, gender, nationality or background — to blaze their own personal or professional trail within the Metaverse.

Lavinia Osbourne, founder of Women in Blockchain Talks, said:

“We have spent the last three years on a mission to bring inclusivity and diversity back to blockchain, and this summit is the culmination of everything we have achieved. We believe in amplifying the experiences and achievements of marginalized or underrepresented groups in order to show that blockchain’s life-changing and world-shaping potential is available to all — regardless of gender, age, background or nationality. And it’s working. Blockchain was designed to open up access to finance and services to everybody, shifting the balance of power away from a privileged elite and back into the hands of the people, and in the last 12 months, the percentage of women taking their place at the table has grown at a greater rate than ever. Yet while there’s still disparity, there’s still work to be done.”

Osbourne is an established agent for change in blockchain. Through her work with WIBT, she has won and been nominated for accolades such as the National Diversity Award for Community Organization and Best Diversity Resource/Initiative Award. As an individual, she is one of Wirex’s Rising Women in Crypto 2021, a TechWomen 100 winner and a 2021 LinkedIn Top Voice in Tech and Innovation.

Osbourne added:

“Representation matters. Blockchain is the future of entertainment, business and money, and by telling the stories and celebrating the successes of trailblazing women, we will demonstrate that there’s space for everyone to learn, grow and benefit.”

Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, editor-in-chief at Cointelegraph, said:

“Women-focused events contribute to the representation of women in different areas and encourage people around the world. It’s genuinely amazing to have the opportunity to see so many people of different genders, ages and backgrounds just sharing their various experiences, wisdom, knowledge and passion around something they are really interested in. And it is especially precious when it comes to the world of finance and technology, which we usually tend to imagine as a battlefield of serious men in formal suits. Women in Blockchain is a remarkable community of inspiring women in fintech and crypto led by Lavinia and her team, which is bringing education and initiatives to the table and empowering other women to follow their lead to the Web3 arena. The summit is a perfect opportunity for women and non-binary people to network with crypto experts and bring together the world toward strengthening education, diversity and equality.”