Steve Wozniak was a central figure in innovation and digital exploration during his tenure at Apple, but his departure hasn’t impeded his entrepreneurial creativity. Most recently, Wozniak launched his blockchain venture, Efforce, along with its cryptocurrency, WOZX. 

Efforce is a blockchain-based, energy-saving trading platform. With eight years of experience in energy efficiency, Efforce serves over 2,000 clients who save more than $700 million in energy costs. Efforce has achieved such a reputation by combining blockchain technology and its team’s longstanding engineering expertise. When energy efficiency projects are implemented, the savings generated will be tracked through Efforce’s architecture and uploaded to the blockchain thanks to the support of IoT capabilities. Contributors participate in the savings generated through the projects. And energy companies benefit from energy efficiency improvements, as lower consumption of energy results in the ability to decrease their cost structure and reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. WOZX is the utility token of the Efforce platform.

Real innovation is what changes our life

As Wozniak has said, real innovation is what changes our lives. The launch of WOZX is a historic step for the blockchain industry and the energy industry. It’s a blockchain project that relies on the energy industry but that has also been part of a revolution for traditional industries. The issuance of 1 billion WOZX tokens on the Ethereum network has ended. There will be a smart meter on the company’s blockchain to measure each project’s energy savings and convert them into energy credits that can be saved in investors’ profiles for use or sale.

Wozniak and James Ju have the same geek gene

The reason why Wozniak chose HBTC as the first exchange for WOZX’s listing was not only for its high-quality users but also for the recognition of the platform’s value. As an Apple computer engineer, Wozniak himself has a unique passion for technology. He and his team successfully released the first and second generations of Apple computers, introducing Apple products to average households. HBTC founder James Ju is a geek and a senior technology expert. He served as the chief technology officer of Huobi Global from 2014 to 2017 and then founded Bluehelix Group, which has a core team of top talent from first-tier tech and financial companies. The group received more than $15 million in an angel funding round from some of the world’s top exchanges, such as Huobi and OKEx. Bluehelix has three outstanding core businesses: HBTC Exchange, Bluehelix Clould and HBTC Chain.

Bluehelix Cloud is the world’s leading blockchain financial information technology services provider, with more than 300 well-known company customers, 15 million end-users and over $6 billion in custody assets around the world. 

HBTC Chain is the first decentralized cross-chain that has obtained a global patent for our cross-chain trading system. HBTC Chain realizes heterogeneous cross-chain solutions and supports cross-chain custody and transactions for more than 10 mainstream currencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Polkadot (DOT), etc. HBTC Chain also improves asset security through private key-sharing technology. The cross-chain DEX SaaS service developed by HBTC Chain can provide decentralized OTC functions and NFT asset transactions. As an infrastructure for decentralized finance, HBTC Chain provides the secondary development capabilities required by many participants through an open, multi-layer API protocol.

As the first trading platform with a 100% proof-of-reserve mechanism, HBTC Exchange has maintained a record of 0 lost coins since its launch, and the assets transparency and high performance with an average order matching delay of 0.00009 seconds.

HBTC is strict in evaluating high-quality projects for its users

Except for WOZX, NEST is also one of the world’s premier qualified tokens on HBTC, among other projects, such as Unfi and Chillz. Currency listing is a mutual choice, and HBTC has been strictly adhering to the listing standards for protecting the interest of all users. These high-quality projects chose HBTC, which is also recognition for HBTC, too.

Technology- and product-driven

HBTC Exchange has gone through 6,027 iterations of upgrades and 136,569 system builds to maintain near-perfect system reliability in only two years. Meanwhile, it is about to undergo comprehensive product and system upgrades and innovation. It processes up to 300,000 orders per second for each currency pair, with less than a one-millisecond delay from orders placing to closing and pushing. In terms of account function upgrading, the new trading system will support one account mode for spot and contract trading so users can start contract trading anytime and anywhere. In addition, it also introduces a more advanced contract system, with functions such as switching between cross-margin and isolated margin, and profit-taking at any time.

 In terms of security, except the 100% proof-of-reserve, HBTC will launch an independent custody system named BitStody based on a distributed signature with many authorities to ensure the security of users’ assets and reduce the risks from exchanges that users are concerned about. Several black swan issues in 2020 and the withdrawal prohibition resulted in low trust of decentralized exchanges. Therefore, HBTC has ensured asset safety with practical actions and technologies. 

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