www.Quebex.com has seen a surge in users looking to purchase bitcoins for mining contracts, and we’ve done some investigation into whether our users’ claims they can make a steady 7% monthly return on investment add up. Sadly, we can’t find a realistic scenario where mining contracts will be more profitable than holding on to your bitcoins.

We’ve written a blog about it detailing some of the different ways a contract could pay out over time given different growth rates for bitcoin price and difficulty.

Please see our Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator here: https://quebex.com/calculator.php

Realistically, we don’t think the network hash rate will stagnate and fees greatly increase, while bitcoin maintains most of its momentum. It’s a lovely future to hope for when you’re a bitcoin late comer hoping to cash in on some of the unparalleled ROI early adopters saw, but looking forward a couple years we can’t imagine $27,000 or higher prices for bitcoin.

Although we don’t offer investment advice, we are going to advise our clients to read the blog before investing — even if it means less bitcoin volume on our trading platform.

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