Bitcoin-XT News

Bitcoin-XT started as a sequence of patches on top of Bitcoin Core that were later turned into an independently maintained soft fork. In 2015, when Bitcoin transactions started to be too slow and expensive, Bitcoin-XT was proposed by Gavin Andersen and Mike Hearn as a platform for increasing the block size of Bitcoin form 1 megabyte to 8 megabytes. The Bitcoin-XT fork gathered some support in the Bitcoin community and attention from various blockchain-related media. Miners who support Bitcoin-XT should have began producing blocks with a new version number to indicate that they had sided with the new fork. If 75 percent of the last thousand blocks would be Bitcoin-XT blocks, those miners would have changed the blockchain from Bitcoin core to Bitcoin-XT. However, Bitcoin-XT only gathered 10 percent of miners to use its protocol, had no support from Chinese mining pools and lost almost all supporters by the end of 2016.