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Cryptocurrency exchanges are an integral part of how people and institutions access Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets, yet these services didn’t arrive until over a year after Bitcoin’s launch. 

In the early days, the predominant means of acquiring Bitcoin was by either mining or direct, peer-to-peer exchange. When the first crypto exchange,, launched in spring 2010, people could finally access the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry without technically demanding mining, risky P2P deals or the critical responsibility of key management. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges can be incredibly lucrative, daunting, risky enterprises, as they navigate a rapidly maturing industry, shifting regulatory frameworks and adversaries looking for any vulnerability

Nevertheless, exchange platforms will continue to be critical to the industry, as they provide the primary bridges between the world of fiat and the world of crypto. 

Markets News
Persistent worries about Binance’s solvency, increased regulation of the crypto sector and questionable use cases are chipping away at BUSD’s market capitalizat...
Binance stablecoin BUSD sees a sharp market cap drop amid solvency and mismanagement worries
Kyle White
Breaking news
United States-based crypto exchange Coinbase is fined 3.3 million euros ($3.6 million) by the Dutch central bank for the lack of registration.
Breaking: Coinbase fined $3.6M in the Netherlands
Savannah Fortis
Price Analysis
Bitcoin and the wider crypto market began to correct after the bullish momentum that drove last week’s rally to year-to-date highs started to fizzle out.
Price analysis 1/25: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, DOGE, MATIC, DOT, LTC, AVAX
Rakesh Upadhyay
Markets News
Bitcoin price is down today after reaching a 2023 high above $23,300. Was the rally a bull trap and what will it take for BTC to regain its bullish momentum?
Why is Bitcoin price down today?
Kyle White
Market Analysis
BTC price has started to correct, and with $1.48 billion in Bitcoin options expiring on Jan. 27, traders are watching to see if the price holds above $22,000.
$1.48B in Bitcoin options expire on Friday — Will BTC hold $22K?
Marcel Pechman
The Australian crypto exchange lost access to $23.4 million of digital assets when FTX collapsed and FTX’s Australian subsidiary went into administration.
Crypto exchange Digital Surge emerges as a rare survivor of FTX fallout
Felix Ng
The chief product officer will receive a healthy severance package as he departs from his role at the exchange.
Surojit Chatterjee to retain 249,315 shares of Coinbase stock after departing company
Judith BannermanQuist
Market Analysis
ETH price struggles to flip $1,700 to support, but key derivatives data show bulls making plans to break through the resistance.
Ethereum futures and options data reflect investors’ growing confidence in ETH price
Marcel Pechman

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