FeatherCoin News

Feathercoin is a cryptocurrency released in 2013, with the aim to become an alternative to Bitcoin. Feathercoin is a fork of Litecoin and doesn’t have a lot of interesting features, especially in comparison with most of today’s projects, which have rather colossal plans of connecting all the blockchains, replacing fiat money or becoming an engine for the worldwide banking systems. Still, Feathercoin has its advantages and differs from other currencies of its time. Feathercoin is nine time faster than the Bitcoin blockchain is in generating a block and has an increased maximum number of coins that is equal to 336 million coins. Feathercoin was one of the first altcoins to garner great support and was popular for some time, though it is now seemingly semi-abandoned. However, in the latest news on Feathercoin, Peter Bushnell, the founder of Feathercoin, is reportedly returning to its development and may be a signal of Feathercoin coming back on the scene.