GoldMint News

GoldMint, PTE, LTD is a blockchain-based company founded in 2017 by Russian businessmen Dmitry Pluschevskiy and Konstantin Romanov. GoldMint is ICO-funded and is headquartered in Moscow, Russian Federation and registered in Singapore. Main product of GoldMint project are its GOLD digital assets. GOLD is claimed by GoldMint to have a price totally backed by delivery futures or physical fold. GlodMint’s asset price binding to gold is used as a countermeasure to common cryptocurrency volatility and lack of real value. GoldMint’s cryptocurrency is ran on Ethereum blockchain but company has plans on migrating to its own blockchain. GOLD is planned to become a tool for investments, regular payments and peer-to-peer loaning. GoldMint project team is actively participating in various blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences, events and meetups.