Governance Token News

Governance tokens are a particular category of crypto tokens used to allocate voting powers to selected users of a blockchain project and are provided in proportion to the contribution done, either in terms of invested capital or computing power. While governance tokens can usually be traded just like any other crypto token, their core function lies in enabling their holders to participate and vote in matters pertaining to the functioning of the blockchain project, thereby determining its future course of development.

Used by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to facilitate decision-making, governance tokens have more intrinsic value than other types of native tokens for a blockchain project. These tokens can be ascribed a higher valuation considering that they provide the holders with voting rights and therefore differ from other cryptocurrencies used as mere mediums for transacting, financial speculation or as a store of value. Governance token holders together deliberate on matters such as adding new features, deciding whether hard forks are needed, or even changing the governance mechanism altogether, among other blockchain decision-making.