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A computer hacker is any skilled computer expert that uses their technical knowledge to overcome a problem. While "hacker" technically has a neutral connotation, the term was changed by popular culture, which defines a hacker as someone with technical knowledge who uses bugs or exploits to break into computer systems.
The recent outburst of interest in cryptocurrencies triggered some hackers to begin looking through different crypto exchange services. The latest news on hackers show that no one is protected from their interventions. There were already several cases of exchanges hacks. For example, in January 2018 cryptocurrency exchange service Coincheck was hacked and approximately 500 million NEM tokens were removed from exchange, amounting about $385 million stolen. Although Coincheck was capable to compensate all users with its own capital, there is no confidence that bigger incidents won’t take place. 

Follow up
Blockchain security firms SlowMist and CertiK also believe the crypto wallet drainer, Angel Drainer, was involved in the estimated $238,000 exploit.
Balancer blames ‘social engineering attack’ on DNS provider for website hijack
Brayden Lindrea
CoinEx has rebuilt its wallet system following a $70 million hack and is set to resume deposits and withdrawals for select cryptocurrencies.
CoinEx to resume service with new wallet system following $70M hack
Gareth Jenkinson
The platform notified its community on Sept. 19 at 11:49 pm UTC, urging users not to interact with the Balancer protocol until further notice.
DeFi protocol Balancer’s front end under attack, $238K in crypto stolen
Brayden Lindrea
Follow up
CoinEx confirms that compromised private keys gave hackers access to hot wallets, leading to a $70 million hack.
CoinEx hack: Compromised private keys led to $70M theft
Gareth Jenkinson
Markets News
The Lazarus Group has mastered the art of stealing crypto investors’ assets. Here are a few tips on how investors can protect their portfolios.
3 steps crypto investors can take to avoid hacks by the Lazarus Group
Marcel Pechman
Mark Cuban confirmed that he was hacked but doesn’t know precisely how.
Mark Cuban loses $870K in hot wallet hack
Brian Quarmby
Crypto bad actors from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have stolen $340.4 million in 2023, down from $1.7 billion from the prior year, but that’s no r...
North Korean crypto hacks down 80%, but that could change overnight: Chainalysis
Brayden Lindrea
Breaking news
The Remitano exchange experienced suspicious transactions, as over $2.7 million was drained from its wallet by a single account.
Remitano exchange hacked for $2.7M; $1.4M frozen by Tether
Tom Blackstone

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