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A smart contract is a protocol that enforces the performance of a contract with adding the terms of the agreement into the code. Smart contracts are a great way to exclude any third party from the transaction and make transaction prices lower, as they need no validation.
Smart contracts are implemented in a lot of cryptocurrencies to control the transfers of digital currency, establish a governance and a lot of other things. But smart contracts have a wider range of possible implementations. Smart contracts may be used in voting, management, machine-to-machine interactions in the internet-of-things, real estate and in the building of personal data storage with specific access policies, e.g., medical databases.
Still, smart contracts are not perfect. They don’t exclude the possibility of bugs or fraud and have no way of changing post-factum, which may be necessary in some cases.

ZenGo has identified a major security flaw prevalent among DApp wallets whereby users grant complete access to their tokens by authorizing a single transaction.
ZenGo Warns of Major Security Flaw Among DApp Wallets
Samuel Haig
“When the world comes back, it will be Bitcoin, not banks and governments that save the day,” famous investor Tim Draper said.
Bitcoin, Not Governments Will Save the World After Crisis, Tim Draper Says
Helen Partz
Waves has unveiled several upgrades to its enterprise platform, including a drastic increase in smart contract execution speed and licensing fees to operate on ...
Waves Claims 70x Increase in Smart Contract Speed Amid Enterprise Upgrades
Samuel Haig
Chainlink and Hdac Technology are developing a new system to bolster smart contract execution using off-chain data.
Chainlink Taps New Partnership to Tackle Oracle Problem
Helen Partz
A noncustodial smart wallet for both cryptocurrencies and DApps has sealed fresh funding as its attempts to challenge existing offerings in the industry.
Noncustodial Smart Wallet Seeks to Widen Access to Crypto and DeFi
Marie Huillet
The team behind CryptoKitties, Dapper Labs, has launched an interactive interface for developers to experiment with building smart contracts on the Flow blockch...
CryptoKitties Developers Launch Playground for Developers
Samuel Haig
Microsoft, ConsySys and EY have launched Baseline, an open-source smart contract and tokenization protocol for enterprises on the Ethereum Mainnet.
EY, Microsoft and ConsenSys Launch Enterprise Platform on Ethereum Mainnet
Samuel Haig
EOSIO says reports of EOS network degradation are inaccurate, blockchain is performing at levels exceeding the capacities of major crypto exchanges.
EOSIO 2.0 Released but Vote-Buying and Centralization Concerns Persist
Osato Avan-Nomayo

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