Brian Behlendorf #67

Executive Director at Hyperledger

Brian Behlendorf & Executive Director at Hyperledger & background` Brian Behlendorf & Executive Director at Hyperledger & poster`
Brian Behlendorf & Executive Director at Hyperledger
Age 48
Place of birth California, U.S.
Place of residence San Francisco, U.S.
Category Technology
Alma mater University of California, Berkeley
Known for Advocating for open-source technology and directing the Hyperledger Project
“Today there are over a hundred deployed distributed ledger networks using blockchain technology to address supply chain traceability, trade finance and global payments, logistics, know-your-customer credit history systems, and many more.“


Brian Behlendorf has seen a little bit of everything in his technology career — from early forays into electronic mailing list software to serving on the board of the Mozilla Foundation to acting as chief technology officer of the World Economic Forum. He’s now focused on growing Linux’s Hyperledger blockchain project.

Brian Behlendorf's 2019:

In 2019, Hyperledger welcomed high-profile institutions into its roster of member companies, including Microsoft, Salesforce and the Ethereum Foundation. Behlendorf was also a keynote speaker at the 2019 Blockchain Africa Conference in Johannesburg with a talk titled, “The Post-Lambo Era: Blockchain Technology Gets Real.”

What Cointelegraph expects for 2020:

With the growing member composition of the Hyperledger Project and the maturation of its various DLT frameworks and developer tools, we expect to see some interesting developments grown within the blockchain “greenhouse” in the new year.