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Bryan Bishop & Software consultant
Place of birth Austin, U.S.
Place of residence Austin, U.S.
Category Developers
Known for Being a Bitcoin Core developer, founding LedgerX, improving BTC wallet security, founding genetic engineering firm
“I think [Bitcoin Vaults] could go a long way toward changing the landscape in Bitcoin for exchange hacks and personal Bitcoin storage.“


Bryan Bishop is a Bitcoin Core developer who worked at LedgerX from 2014 to 2018. Bishop and Max Berry, a former lab scientist at a biotech company, are now starting a company focused on the production of designer babies and human germline genetic engineering. Bishop refers to himself as a transhumanist, believing that technology can improve humans in profound ways. In 2016, Bishop came up with a way to delay Bitcoin transactions before receiving them, known as “the Vault.”

Bryan Bishop's 2019:

Early in the year, Bishop announced his biotech startup, which will work on "designer babies" and other gene-editing pursuits. A Nasdaq op-ed by Bitcoin Magazine's Michael Folkson covered Bishop's prolific transcription work over the past decade, with an archive of over 600 transcripts that surpasses 1.5 million words, resulting in a comprehensive archive of Bitcoin's development. His proposal for the Bitcoin Vault security system marked a potential innovation in Bitcoin's security without requiring any changes to the existing code base.

What Cointelegraph expects for 2020:

More details are sure to emerge regarding Bishop's transhumanist biotech startup, which reportedly already has a couple in line for the company's "designer baby" service. On the Bitcoin front, if Bishop and other contributors to the proposed Vault security system make strides this year, we could see the emergence of a new standard in how Bitcoin holdings are secured by individuals and trusted custodians alike.