Dan Morehead #53

Founder and CEO of Pantera Capital

Dan Morehead & Founder and CEO of Pantera Capital & background` Dan Morehead & Founder and CEO of Pantera Capital & poster`
Dan Morehead & Founder and CEO of Pantera Capital
Place of residence San Francisco, U.S.
Category Investing
Alma mater Princeton University
Known for Founding, managing Pantera Capital
“When you have a disruptive technology, they call it a category killer. Bitcoin's a serial killer. It's going to go through 40 or 50 different industries: well storage, cross border money movement, property titles, voting rights, identity. Those are all the biggest use cases on earth.”


Before founding Pantera Capital in 2003, Dan Morehead operated in executive and managerial roles across a range of high finance companies. Currently, Pantera’s investments are solely in blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures.

Dan Morehead's 2019:

In spring, it was reported that Pantera Capital had neared $175 million in its third round since investing in the blockchain space. The year also saw many investments in protocol and infrastructure projects, including Alchemy, an enterprise blockchain-as-a-service platform; Starkware, a privacy/scaling solution for blockchains; InstaDapp, a DeFi portal; and Bakkt, a institutional-grade custody solution for crypto assets. On the Unchained podcast with Laura Shin, Morehead predicted that the Bitcoin price would reach $356,000 by 2022.

What Cointelegraph expects for 2020:

As one of the most active and established funds in the industry, we expect Morehead and his team to maintain their current modus operandi of core infrastructure and protocol investment.