Eric Larchevêque #86

Co-founder and chairman of Ledger SAS

Eric Larchevêque & Co-founder and chairman of Ledger SAS & background` Eric Larchevêque & Co-founder and chairman of Ledger SAS & poster`
Eric Larchevêque & Co-founder and chairman of Ledger SAS
Age 48
Place of birth Paris, France
Place of residence Paris, France
Category Technology
Alma mater ESIEE Paris
Known for Founding crypto wallet and storage firm Ledger
“We believe that the only way for the cryptocurrency industry to become professional (like to get more mature and really scale), we need to have standardization, we need to have certification, we need to have some kind of technological rules to build trust.“


Eric Larchevêque is the founder and former director of La Maison du Bitcoin (now Coinhouse), an initiative established in 2014 aimed at the promotion of cryptocurrency-related projects, such as the first decentralized digital currency purchase counter in Europe. In 2014, Larchevêque also founded Ledger, a company that provides security solutions for digital assets and blockchain applications. Ledger was under Larchevêque’s directorship until 2019, when he stepped down from the role.

Eric Larchevêque's 2019:

Larchevêque stepping down from his management role at Ledger was the main highlight of the past year. He cited his struggle in balancing daily execution with high-level strategic vision as the main impetus for the move. As executive chairman, he will continue guiding Ledger's growth and development moving forward while also overseeing broader business development efforts with government outreach, partnerships and thought leadership.

What Cointelegraph expects for 2020:

In 2020, we expect Larchevêque will be active in securing strategic partnerships for Ledger's wallet and custody service. Having received a $2.9 million investment from Samsung in March 2019, Ledger's role in the electronic giant's blockchain pursuits may be more collaborative in nature. Although details on this remain slim at this time. Larchevêque will also participate in "Who Wants to Be My Partner?" — a variation of the popular Shark Tank series that will air on France's M6 network.