Helen Hai #97

Head of the Binance Charity Foundation

Helen Hai & Head of the Binance Charity Foundation & background` Helen Hai & Head of the Binance Charity Foundation & poster`
Helen Hai & Head of the Binance Charity Foundation
Place of birth Changchun, China
Category Charity
Alma mater Cass Business School, EMBA, INSEAD and Tsinghua University
Known for Leading global social impact ventures
“Crypto is borderless and so is humanity.“


Helen Hai is leading Binance’s Blockchain for Charity initiative, which focuses on using blockchain for social good. She also serves as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s goodwill ambassador for industrialization in Africa. In addition, she is the founder of the Made in Africa Initiative, which advises African governments on the promotion of industrialization and investment. Hai was trained as an actuary in the United Kingdom and has nearly 25 years of international experience in FTSE100 companies. Hai holds a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science and a master’s in actuarial management from CASS Business School in London and an executive MBA from Insead and Tsinghua University.

Helen Hai's 2019:

The Binance Charity Foundation has accomplished a lot in its mission to use blockchain as a tool for social good, with numerous projects and alliances in action. In alliance with 46 other companies, BCF launched the charitable stablecoin project Pink Care Token (PCAT), with the goal of providing feminine hygiene products to millions of women who otherwise couldn't afford or access them. Another long-term project of BCF is the Binance Lunch for Children project, which provides year-long support to Ugandan students and solar panels for their schools.

What Cointelegraph expects for 2020:

We expect BCF will continue launching various social impact projects around the globe throughout 2020 with Hai at the helm. Not only will this further showcase the power of crypto and borderless payments in humanitarian endeavors, but it will also support the fact that emerging technologies can heal the world while disrupting incumbent institutions.