Marc Andreessen #77

Co-founder and general partner of A16z

Marc Andreessen & Co-founder and general partner of A16z & background` Marc Andreessen & Co-founder and general partner of A16z & poster`
Marc Andreessen & Co-founder and general partner of A16z
Age 50
Place of birth Cedar Falls, U.S.
Place of residence San Francisco, U.S.
Category Technology, Investing
Alma mater University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Known for Developing the world's first commercial web browser, Mosaic, and founding tech VC firm Andresseen Horiwitz (A16z)
“What else are feathers for? They just like to get ruffled. [...] The thing that stands out is the thing that’s different.”


Following a successful career developing the first widely used web browser, Mosaic, and founding its management software company, Netscape, Andreessen now runs influential Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz — also known as A16z — whose successful bets include Instagram and GitHub. In June 2018, A16z raised $300 million for its first crypto-focused fund, led by the firm's first female general partner, Katie Haun.

Marc Andreessen's 2019:

2019 marked a huge shift in A16z's direction. In April, the venture capital firm announced its intention to transition from a VC business structure to a financial advisory firm, which would allow the company to participate and invest in higher-risk areas such as the burgeoning crypto industry. In September, Andreessen called for less stingent regulations of the crypto industry, citing that the various technologies could solve many of the problems of the current internet if innovation and commerce were not stifled. At the close of the year, A16z revealed details of its free crypto startup school.

What Cointelegraph expects for 2020:

2020 will see A16z's transition from a venture capital firm to a financial advisory firm as it seeks to participate more directly in higher-risk ventures, such as crypto and other emergent technology sectors. The seven-week crypto startup school will take place from Feb. 21 to April 3. All courses will be made available online for free after the conclusion of the program.