Marta Piekarska #75

Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger

Marta Piekarska & Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger & background` Marta Piekarska & Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger & poster`
Marta Piekarska & Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger
Place of birth Poland
Place of residence Cambridge, U.K.
Category Technology
Alma mater Technical University of Berlin
Known for Leading Hyperledger's ecosystem development and enterprise adoption
“Now is the time for any organization that wants to help shape the role of blockchain and the DLT technology at play in their business and their industry to get involved. Bitcoin made blockchain mainstream and brought the hype to the field. Now the hype is passing, and we are observing how enterprises are looking at real-life solutions using blockchain.”


Marta Piekarska is the director of ecosystem at Hyperledger, an umbrella project of open-source blockchain frameworks and related tools launched in December 2015 by the Linux Foundation. Piekarska received a Ph.D. in user-informed design of privacy tools while working as a security architect at Blockstream.

As part of her role in Hyperledger, Piekarska promotes the technology at conferences around the world, helping enterprises figure out whether permissioned blockchains can be applied to their use cases. She is also the industrial director for the Blockchain Cambridge Society and serves on the advisory board for several blockchain startups.

Marta Piekarska's 2019:

Hyperledger's annual report for 2019 boasted impressive stats on the growing ecosystem of technologies, teams, projects and communities. Four special interest groups were launched for capital markets, telecom, supply chain and education architecture. Two new working groups were also launched, focused on smart contracts, and diversity, civility and inclusion. Hyperledger also joined the ID2020 movement, which aims to build an identity system for 1.3 billion undocumented people around the world.

According to Forbes Blockchain 50, Hyperledger powered half of the projects listed. The year also saw Salesforce and Microsoft join the Hyperledger Consortium. Community building across a diaspora of projects, teams and communities is no trivial endeavor, and Pierkarska and team delivered this year.

What Cointelegraph expects for 2020:

While we expect the technologies, tools, members and communities in the Hyperledger "greenhouse" to grow in the new year, it is unclear if the enterprise blockchain space as a whole will thrive or if companies decide to build on public infrastructure instead.