Mike Belshe #66

CEO at BitGo

Mike Belshe & CEO at BitGo & background` Mike Belshe & CEO at BitGo & poster`
Mike Belshe & CEO at BitGo
Age 50
Place of birth California, U.S.
Place of residence Palo Alto, U.S.
Category Founders, Technology
Alma mater Cal Poly
Known for Founding BitGo, authoring SPDY and HTTP/2.0
“Winners are not a small group of elite investors. Winners are everyone with the courage to buy a Bitcoin. It seems volatile now, but will be more stable than any currency in the end.“


With a career involving many technological spheres, Mike Belshe invented the SPDY protocol and is one of the primary architects of the HTTP/2.0 specification. He joined the crypto space by co-founding digital asset trust and security company BitGo in 2013.

Mike Belshe's 2019:

2019 saw major developments in BitGo’s team and service. In May, BitGo hired former Wall Street trader Nick Carmi as head of financial services in order to strengthen BitGo’s presence in the traditional finance space. The team also hired former Xapo VP Pete Najarian as its new chief revenue officer, tasked with onboarding institutional investors to BitGo’s custody service. BitGo also announced a partnership with digital identity venture Civic to develop a new crypto wallet for digital assets and identity credentials.

What Cointelegraph expects for 2020:

With the influx of institutional investors in the crypto space and the emergence of a more robust derivatives market around Bitcoin, BitGo could be a major player in providing custody services for these clients.