Preston Byrne #57

Partner at Byrne & Storm, P.C.

Preston Byrne & Partner at Byrne & Storm, P.C. & background` Preston Byrne & Partner at Byrne & Storm, P.C. & poster`
Preston Byrne & Partner at Byrne & Storm, P.C.
Age 36
Place of residence New York, U.S.
Category Technology, Law & Politics
Alma mater University of St. Andrews, The University of Law, University of Connecticut School of Law
Known for Co-founding Monax, crypto-legal wisdom, & marmots
“The thing that really bothered me about the Libra whitepaper was that they think we’re stupid, they think we’re dumb, they think we were born yesterday… but in fact they’re the neophytes, they’re the newbies, they just showed up and this is our house.”


As an attorney at Byrne & Storm, P.C., Preston Byrne advises fledgling technology companies on an array of legal cross-border issues. The former securitization and derivatives lawyer also co-founded Monax Industries (formerly Eris Industries), a company known for building the first permissioned blockchain in 2014.

Preston Byrne's 2019:

2019 was a productive year for Byrne. In February, Byrne & Storm, P.C. was announced — a joint legal practice founded by Byrne and Lawyers Without Borders founder Christina Storm. Later in the year, Bryne was admitted as an attorney-at-law in the state of New York, expanding the scope of his legal practice beyond Connecticut and the U.K.

What Cointelegraph expects for 2020:

We anticipate that Bryne & Storm, P.C. will continue advising a wide range of crypto startups dealing with the cross-jurisdictional complexity of internet-native ventures. Byrne himself will continue providing commentary (not legal advice) on the changing landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.