Mati Greenspan #97

Founder of Quantum Economics

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Mati Greenspan & Founder of Quantum Economics
Category Markets
Alma mater Columbia University, Economics of Money and Banking
“The approval of a Bitcoin ETF will likely be the biggest event of 2021, assuming it happens.”


An experienced financial analyst and consultant who enjoys engaging with his Twitter followers around the latest developments in the cryptocurrency sector, Mati Greenspan finds his passion in understanding financial markets and sharing his knowledge with others to help them make better investment decisions. One of Greenspan’s most well-known roles was as a senior market analyst for social trading and investing platform eToro, where he prepared a daily market analysis newsletter for members and led various training courses and live market webinars.

After parting ways with eToro in November 2019, Greenspan launched Quantum Economics, an analysis, advisory and money management firm that provides “updates on the financial markets and top-notch investment opportunities.”

Aside from Quantum Economics, Greenspan has been a contributing writer to various sites including, FXStreet and Hacked. He is also co-author of the e-book The Complete Guide to Fintech Trading and Investments.

Greenspan’s 2020:

Greenspan spent 2020 establishing Quantum Economics. Though his knowledge base covers many aspects of the financial sector, Greenspan primarily focuses on developments related to cryptocurrencies and how they are impacted by the greater financial arena. As Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies performed well throughout 2020, Greenspan was regularly to be found conducting technical analysis, while also becoming noted for his bullish tweets predicting new price milestones by the end of active trading days.

Greenspan’s 2021:

With Bitcoin, Ether and many of the top cryptocurrencies hitting new all-time highs, Greenspan’s Twitter feed will continue to highlight exciting price news and, when possible, connect it with the real-world developments that helped prompt the market moves. Already in 2021, the announcement from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency that it will allow banks to use public blockchains to handle stablecoin transactions had both Greenspan and Quantum Economics dropping Tony Stark “boom” memes. As stated in one newsletter released by Quantum Economics, ”In a time of great regulatory uncertainty, a bright light of clarity has come, once again from the office of Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks, or as we call him, the crypto comptroller.”