Matthew Roszak #84

Chairman and co-founder of Bloq Inc.

Matthew Roszak & Chairman and co-founder of Bloq Inc. & background` Matthew Roszak & Chairman and co-founder of Bloq Inc. & poster`
Matthew Roszak & Chairman and co-founder of Bloq Inc.
Place of residence Chicago, U.S.
Category Technology, Investing
Alma mater Lake Forest College
Known for Founding Tally Capital and Bloq
“Proof-of-work will be the security root for a decentralized internet.“


Matthew Roszak is the chairman and co-founder of Bloq, a leading blockchain technology company. He is also a founding partner of Tally Capital, a private investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain-enabled technology, with a portfolio of market leading companies including Binance,, Blockstream, Orchid, Factom and Qtum. In addition, Matthew serves as chairman of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s first and largest blockchain trade association. Matthew also serves on the board of BitGive, a nonprofit foundation that improves philanthropic impact with blockchain technology.

Matthew Roszak's 2019:

August 2019 saw the release of BloqCloud, a cloud gateway that provides managed services for a variety of public and private blockchain networks with the goal of accommodating a multifaceted network of blockchains, cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications. In October, Ethereum Classic Labs partnered with Bloq to introduce Ethereum and Ethereum Classic to BloqCloud's service offerings, easing the development, launch and maintenance of cross-chain applications.

What Cointelegraph expects for 2020:

After the launch of Bloq's core offering last year with BloqCloud, we expect the team to continue expanding the services available on the platform, including managed services for emergent smart contract platforms.