Pieter Wuille #56

Co-founder and engineer at Blockstream

Pieter Wuille & Co-founder and engineer at Blockstream & background` Pieter Wuille & Co-founder and engineer at Blockstream & poster`
Pieter Wuille & Co-founder and engineer at Blockstream
Age 35
Place of birth Belgium
Place of residence San Francisco, U.S.
Category Developers
Alma mater St. Albertus College, KU Leuven
Known for Developing Bitcoin Core, founding Blockstream
“A lot of work is focused on extensions to the functionality of the blockchain itself to support more complex application, but I feel we're forgetting that using these features in an accessible, composable, analyzable way is basically impossible today.“


Pieter Wuille is known for being one of the most active Bitcoin Core developers and is responsible for some of Bitcon’s more significant upgrades, including the Segregated Witness scaling solution. He is currently operating as co-founder and core engineer at Blockstream, a software company working on scaling and infrastructure solutions for Bitcoin.

Pieter Wuille's 2019:

In March, Blockstream released working code for their proposed Schnorr-based multisignature scheme, which allows for more private transactions on Bitcoin, a feature of the network that has become less effective with improved blockchain analytics.

In May, Wuille and a small team of developers released an early implementation of a new Bitcoin smart contract programming language called Miniscript, which would allow easier construction, analysis, and execution of Bitcoin scripts without requiring any changes to the Bitcoin codebase.

What Cointelegraph expects for 2020:

We expect steady developments from Wuille and the Blockstream team. With the launch of Liquid, a sidechain protocol that allows for fast and secure Bitcoin transactions and token issuance, Blockstream is now directly engaging with the competitive space of smart contract platforms.