Raoul Pal #38

Co-founder and CEO of Real Vision

Raoul Pal & Co-founder and CEO of Real Vision & background` Raoul Pal & Co-founder and CEO of Real Vision & poster`
Raoul Pal & Co-founder and CEO of Real Vision
Category Markets
Alma mater University of Plymoth, Economics & Law
Known for Goldman Sachs, Real Vision
“Bitcoin is eating the world... It has become a supermassive black hole that is sucking in everything around it and destroying it. [...] Never before in my career have I seen a trade so dominant that holding any other assets makes almost no sense.”


Globally known as an economist, investment strategist and publisher at The Global Macro Investor — a macroeconomic and investment strategy research service — Raoul Pal made waves in the cryptocurrency community and endeared himself to the crypto faithful when he publicly disclosed his incremental investment of more than 50% of his portfolio into Bitcoin. Before founding Global Macro Investor, Pal earned his stripes working his way up through various positions in the financial sector, culminating with a position as the head of European hedge fund sales for Goldman Sachs.

In 2014, Pal co-founded Real Vision, a financial media platform aimed at democratizing financial research. According to Pal, the company helps investors better understand the “complex world of finance, business and the global economy with real in-depth analysis from real experts.” 

Pal’s 2020:

Pal spent much of 2020 becoming decidedly more bullish on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector as a whole. He was one of the few big-name investors to have forecast that the emerging COVID-19 pandemic would trigger a global economic crisis, and he repositioned his portfolio to take advantage of the downturn that financial markets experienced in March. As the pandemic worsened and the economy slowed down, Pal steadily increased his Bitcoin allocation from 25% portfolio value to 50%, and he often refers to himself as “being irresponsibly long Bitcoin.”

Pal’s 2021:

In 2021, Pal intends to intensify his focus on Bitcoin. As a testament to his belief in the future of Bitcoin, Real Vision launched a new crypto-focused newsletter that is free to users and provides the latest developments and insights related to cryptocurrency. Unlike other big-name investors who recently shifted their attention to cryptocurrency, Pal is not a Bitcoin maximalist. Ethereum and the decentralized finance sector have caught his eye and are beginning to receive more and more mentions in Pal’s Twitter feed. 

And as for Pal’s long-term take on Bitcoin, he summed it up nicely when he tweeted:

“While everyone seems to celebrate every single new BTC high, let me remind you of where we are going... The Halving runs tend to get between 1 and 2 standard deviations overbought versus trend, and it occurs usually around 18 months. This would give a rough price target between $400k and $1.2m by end of 2021 (not an exact science, but context).”