Aubrey Hansen

Graduating from Aarhus University with a degree in communication and media studies, Aubrey has been an avid writer and follower of the crypto and blockchain space since 2015. A well-traveled journalist within the industry, Aubrey has written for many well-known outlets, and can often be found poring over white papers when she isn’t writing for Cointelegraph.

Author’s posts

How to crypto
As Black Friday 2019 gets underway, what are your options for getting the best bang for your Bitcoin?
Here’s Where to Spend Crypto Online This Black Friday
Aubrey Hansen
As the crypto mining industry continues to grow, is China able to sustain its mining boom as the industry leader?
What Powers China’s Crypto Mining Industry, and Is It Sustainable?
Aubrey Hansen
As crypto regulation is accepted in UAE blockchain projects could stand to benefit.
UAE Accepts Crypto Regulation, Blockchain Projects Stand to Benefit
Aubrey Hansen

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