Charlie McCombie

Charlie McCombie is a UK-based author and literary editor at Cointelegraph. He has a special interest in the legal and societal impacts of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

MAY 08, 2017

“Euroclear Bankchain” Blockchain Service Processes 100,000 Gold Settlements

FEB 03, 2017

Gavin Andresen Slams Bitcoin Core in $12,000 Bug Loss Twitter Jibe

JUL 10, 2016

Global Fintech Masterminds to Attend London Fintech Week 2016

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JUN 25, 2016

London May Become Independent City-State in Wake of Brexit

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The Bitcoin Ransomware Fallacy: Why Blockchain Criminals Can Be Caught

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Cloud Storage Meets Blockchain: SiaCoin Takes on Amazon, Google & Microsoft

JUN 13, 2016

Human Rights Activism: Bitcoin's Greatest Use Case

JUN 11, 2016

UK Companies Buy Up Bitcoins As Ransom Money While Canada University Pays Up

JUN 10, 2016

Blockchain to Track Solar Power Production, Ethereum to Utilise The Data

JUN 10, 2016

PayPal Files Patent for Bitcoin Payment Device

JUN 06, 2016

Blockchain Is Gaining Momentum At Blockchain Conference in Amsterdam, June 9th

JUN 06, 2016

Who is Satoshi? - The Hal Finney-Dorian Nakamoto Connection

JUN 05, 2016

Peerplays - First Startup To Get Support from $150 Million DAO Fund?