Neer Varshney

Neer is a freelance writer and journalist. She follows the crypto-world ardently, and has been contributing to Cointelegraph since January 2016. She is also associated with Velix.ID, a blockchain-based startup working in the identity-verification space.

JAN 14, 2016

Is the Number of Investors Preferring Bitcoin Over Fiat Growing?

JAN 16, 2016

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JAN 20, 2016

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JAN 20, 2016

People’s Bank Of China Plans to Launch Its Own Digital Currency

JAN 21, 2016

Dash’s 2nd Birthday: We Are Complementary To Bitcoin, Not A Competitor

JAN 21, 2016

International Monetary Fund Publishes Paper on Virtual Currencies

JAN 21, 2016

Survey Of Experts: China’s Digital Currency vs. Decentralized Bitcoin

JAN 23, 2016

Europe To Hold Public Hearing On Virtual Currencies

JAN 26, 2016

European Union Wants to Surveil not Regulate Bitcoin

JAN 27, 2016

The Blockchain-less Token IOTA is Ready to Take on the World

JAN 27, 2016

Azerbaijan Opening Up To Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

JAN 29, 2016

Information You Want To Know About The Top 300 Cryptocurrencies

FEB 03, 2016

Should BTM Companies Offer Altcoins In Their ATMs?

FEB 17, 2016

Karma Strikes Martin Shkreli As He Loses $15 mln To a Fraud