Neer Varshney

Neer is a freelance writer and journalist. She follows the crypto-world ardently, and has been contributing to Cointelegraph since January 2016. She is also associated with Velix.ID, a blockchain-based startup working in the identity-verification space.

JAN 13, 2018

FUDsters, Not Misinterpreted Microsoft Partnership, Responsible For IOTA Decline, Clarifies CEO

DEC 29, 2017

Growth of Bitcoin, Blockchain Development in India: 2017 in Review

DEC 20, 2017

Step Towards Legalization of Crypto in India - New Blockchain Foundation

DEC 07, 2017

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JUL 20, 2016

The Internet of Things, Blockchain-less Token IOTA Launched: Interview with Co-Founder

JUL 18, 2016

Mobile Apps are Taking Over Jobs of Financial Experts As Millennials Prefer Fintech

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APR 05, 2016

Panama Papers, Mossack Fonseca, and Money Laundering with Bitcoin?

MAR 15, 2016

Bank of England to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency

MAR 12, 2016

Microsoft Store to not Accept Bitcoin Anymore

MAR 07, 2016

Death Sentence for the World’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency

MAR 02, 2016

New Hampshire Rejects Proposal to Accept Tax in Bitcoin

FEB 29, 2016

Mining Giant BitFury Invests in BitPesa, the Pan-African Bitcoin Payment and Trading Platform

FEB 27, 2016

With President Bernie Sanders, Bitcoin Will Thrive

FEB 26, 2016

E-Coin Rebrands as WireX, Claims to be World’s First Hybrid Personal Banking Solution