Coin of View is a website that will include information on the top 300 cryptocurrencies in terms of market value. For each coin, there will be a web page with information, charts and statistical data. There will also be an updated list of nodes and the most important to support coins: a full-time active node.

Coin of View will do an analysis of each cryptocurrency’s Blockchain, their P2P network and even some of the source code. In addition, there will be data from Exchanges, Mining, Devel, Features, screenshots and Faucets. We want to be useful to all types of cryptocurrency users.

Cointelegraph talked to Pele Granel, the founder and CEO of Coin of View to hear about the project and the journey.

CoinTelegraph: What inspired you to start Coin of View?

Pele Granel: I got the idea to start Coin of View about 3 months ago. There is a lack of information out there about most coins except may be the biggest players. It is difficult to find and connect with peers who are interested in the same cryptocurrency as you are. The blockchains of the cryptocurrencies are virtually unknown. I couldn’t find a place where I can compare features of various cryptocurrencies either. All of this and much more has been difficult to find, and we intend to fill this gap. I think that all of this will be very useful for both investors and ordinary users.

CT: How will it be different from existing websites that give out information on cryptocurrencies like CoinMarketCap?

PG: Everyone gives information about the market. Nobody analyzes blockchains. By analyzing blockchains, we can know much more, and among other things be able to prevent scams. The markets can be manipulated, but in the blockchains it is difficult to do it. In the blockchain, you can see the total addresses, transactions.

Our intention is not to compete with CoinMarketCap. They have got more than 600 coins. We will work with the top 300 most valuable coins. We aim to provide information similar to, but for the top 300 coins only.

CT: Tell us more about your background? How did you get interested in cryptocurrency?

PG: I was interested in information technology since I was 15. I started freelancing when I was 22. I have always been interested in the Bitcoin world but I never got a chance to work in it until a client asked me to implement Bitcoin in his website and physical store. A magazine asked me to write a few articles on cryptocurrencies 6 months ago and there’s been no stop since.

I believe Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have the power to save the world. It sounds grandiloquent, but I really believe so. Also, I hate banks!

CT:  Have you made any partnerships yet? Are you in talks with anyone?

PG: I announced the project publicly a few days ago, and since then it has been crazy. We are sending emails to companies and websites in the world of coins. We are talking to a lot of people, but we still have nothing firm, but we have been able to get donations.