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Niall is a 3rd generation market trader with a lifetime’s experience in marketing, sales and networking. He is an entrepreneur who has been successfully investing in crypto related industries over the last two years and has recently begun writing articles for a global crypto-financial magazine.

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BTCC today introduced Mobi a new global multi-currency wallet for iOS and Android enabling storage, conversion, global transfer of 150+ currencies and Twitter p...
Mobi is Killer App for Bitcoin: Bobby Lee of BTCC
Niall Maye
Central banks are run by unelected, unaccountable bankers and based on a system built on debt which greatly enriches the global elite while at the same time ens...
How Central Banks Make Sure the Global Elite Owns Us
Niall Maye
London based Bitcoin firm First Global Credits reports new record high for Bitcoin margin trading for month of November.
Bitcoin Margin Trading Record High in November, London-Based Firm Reports
Niall Maye
In 1970 all banks in Ireland closed during a strike lasting six and a half months which was predicted to have similar catastrophes forecast for Greece. The fact...
Do We Even Need Banks? Ireland Didn't For Most Of 1970
Niall Maye
From Nov. 11, anyone can top up their Bitcoin wallet 24 hours a day from any of the SSB Ticket machines.
Top Up Bitcoin Wallet At All Swiss Train Stations
Niall Maye
According to a new report by Accenture, 9 out of 10 major banks in North America and Europe are exploring the use of Blockchain technology for payments.
Accenture: 9 out of 10 Major Banks in North America and Europe are Exploring Blockchain Technology for Payments
Niall Maye
Cointelegraph’s investigation of the inner workings of Razormind DeOS operating system that has been subjected to a flurry of accusations ranging from scam to f...
Razormind Red Flags: Going Inside Blockchain’s Kryptos. Part 1
Niall Maye
Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader's closest aide George Cottrell is in custody in the US awaiting trial on 21 charges including attempted extortion, money la...
Nigel Farage Former Aide Allegedly Caught in FBI Dark Web Sting Operation
Niall Maye

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