Jamie McCormick who runs the Bitcoin Marketing Team and BitcoinsInIreland has just released the results of their second annual global survey which took place between April and June 2016 on the uses of Bitcoin. On the question of the active use of Bitcoin 65% said they had sent or received Bitcoin in the last week while 9% of respondents had not yet used it.

The full results will be published on Thursday afternoon by 3pm GMT on www.bitcoinsinireland.com

Jamie McCormick says:

“We’re really happy to publish the report this week, and we hope that people studying, investing or working in the Bitcoin and Blockchain industries find it a useful snapshot of the industry in 2016.”

The survey results also give a fascinating insight into how Bitcoin users view themselves, what they like and dislike about the digital currency, losing wallets, and exchange usage covering everything from hacks to shutdowns to users gambling habits and the many angles of mining.

How was the survey carried out?

The team, which included volunteers from the Irish games industry, Bitcointalk and reddit to help localise the survey into 13 languages, have already laid the groundwork for next year's Bitcoin survey.  At the request of community members they are currently looking for partners in the Chinese and Russian Bitcoin media as well as adding Indonesian, Portuguese, Filipino and Indian languages to next year's survey.

In an attempt to reach as many Bitcoin users as possible the survey was made available in 13 different languages ranging from Chinese to Romanian and gives an insight into the usage and users of the digital currency not seen before.

There were 1.25 Bitcoin incentives put up against 16 rewards for participants to take part from 0.05 btc to 0.5 btc which were randomly drawn and distributed between the winning respondents throughout the time of the survey.

McCormick said there were several objectives he was aiming to achieve from this. Some  included conducting a primary research project to help guide his own company's development and engage his agency clients and website readers in an attempt to get a global, non-US focused view on how people use Bitcoin around the world.

They identified the areas they wanted to get information on across 37 questions including demographics, active use of Bitcoin, opinions on wallets, exchanges, gambling, mining, Bitcoin losses and the pros and cons of Bitcoin.

Who were the respondents?

Responses were collected from 68 countries around the world with the majority coming from Europe, North America, South America and South-East Asia.

Age demographics showed respondents ranged from 15 to 71 years old, gender demographics show the industry is still strongly male-dominated with male respondents being 91.8% of the total, females were 5.7%, with 2.5% choosing not to specify.

Involvement in Bitcoin revealed the majority of respondents have been using Bitcoin from 2013, although there were respondents going back as far as 2009 and as recently as 2016.