Paul de Havilland

Paul de Havilland is a fan of disruption in technology and an active investor in startups. He has experience covering both traditional and emerging asset classes, and also pens columns on politics and the development sector. His passions include violin and opera.

Author’s posts

Losses in the traditional banking system during the global pandemic, while crypto could act much better: Here’s why.
Banks Could Intercept Your COVID-19 Stimulus Checks — Enter Crypto
Paul de Havilland
Could 11 class-action lawsuits filed against major players from the crypto space do damage to the industry, or will they help it mature?
Crypto Markets Don't Need Ambulance Chasers to Mature
Paul de Havilland
Market Analysis
Bitcoin’s recent 50% drop and the issues traders experienced at BitMEX have led to a discussion on whether shorting should be banned by crypto exchanges.
After BitMEX Meltdown, Should Shorting Be Banned on Crypto Exchanges?
Paul de Havilland

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