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Spain Tackles Corruption With Blockchain AI and Amendments to Its Anti-Corruption Laws: Expert Take

JUN 15, 2018 | by Selva Ozelli

Blockchain as a remedy for corruption.

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Malta Emerges as World’s Cryptocurrency Hub Despite EU’s TAX3 Investigation: Expert Take

JUN 12, 2018 | by Selva Ozelli

It seems like the country will save its unique tax climate.

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Korea's Unique Ability To Make Its Reverse ICO Fad Permanent: Expert Take

JUN 06, 2018 | by Munair Simpson

South Korean companies are hoping to harness the efficiencies.

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Supplemental IRS Guidance on Taxation of Cryptocurrencies is Needed: Expert Take

JUN 02, 2018 | by Selva Ozelli

What does AICPA says in its second letter to the IRS.

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Portuguese Tax Authority Issues Ruling on ICO and VAT: Expert Take

MAY 29, 2018 | by Rogério M. Fernandes Ferreira

VAT implications of virtual products are still somewhat unestablished, leaving room for interpretation.

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NY OAG Tries Its Hand at Crypto Regulation: Expert Take

MAY 28, 2018 | by Sarah H. Brennan

This seems to be another shaky step forward by New York in attempts to produce regulatory oversight

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Taxes on Restricted Crypto and Options Can Be Confusing: Expert Take

MAY 21, 2018 | by Robert W. Wood

How the IRS is going to tax your future income.

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Why We Shouldn’t Listen to Warren Buffett: Expert Take

MAY 08, 2018 | by Andrea Bianconi

Now Wall Street is better not to listen, if they do not want to become history.

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Crypto-Backed Fiat Currencies: Sci Fi or Missing Link? Expert Take

MAY 06, 2018 | by Vincent Launay

One asset class that central banks are yet to add to their portfolios is cryptocurrencies.

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Why Canada has Emerged as a Leading Blockchain and Crypto Nation: Expert Take

APR 29, 2018 | by Selva Ozelli

There are four pillars: innovation, low energy costs, high internet speed and favorable regulatory regime

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To HODL Or Not To HODL? Value Averaging Crypto Investments: Expert Take

APR 27, 2018 | by Jonathan Hobbs

This way you could stand a better chance of profiting from volatility

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Brazil’s Operação Lava Jato Paves The Way To Blockchain Implementation: Expert Take

APR 23, 2018 | by Selva Ozelli

What’s happening in the nation with the largest crypto investor base in the continent

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Biggest Crypto Tax Debate Is Not What You Think: Expert Take

APR 22, 2018 | by Robert W. Wood

In fact, the biggest crypto tax debate still seems to be about 1031.

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The Next Chapter Of Blockchain Is Market Consolidation: Expert Take

APR 19, 2018 | by Ben Noble

The fast pace makes crypto trading fun, but not completely unpredictable.

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Sanctions Compliance For Transactions in Fiat And Cryptocurrencies Are The Same: Expert Take

APR 13, 2018 | by Selva Ozelli

OFAC’s new rules represent another step in the march towards fully regulating cryptocurrency operations

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