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WEF — Blockchain Could Improve Multiple Spheres of Global Economy

SEP 24, 2018 | by Gareth Jenkinson

The World Economic Forum sees a bright future for blockchain on the horizon — in all spheres of life.

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From a Ripple to a Tidal Wave: Collaboration With PNC Leads to XRP Surge

SEP 23, 2018 | by Gareth Jenkinson

XRP is the talk of the crypto world — becoming the world’s second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap following a week of positive news for Ripple.

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From Adoption to FOMO: Reasons Behind Ripple’s Leap

SEP 22, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal

Some possible explanations

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Forced Deal and FSA Scrutiny: What Do We Know About Japan’s Latest Hack

SEP 21, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal

How hackers stole $59 million from Zaif.

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Crypto Future of E-Commerce Is in the Hands of Asian Players

SEP 19, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal now allows users to buy crypto, but that’s not the main news.

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New Rules: US Regulators Extend Their Purview Within Crypto Industry

SEP 15, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal

This week, two U.S. regulators took action against non-compliant players

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Two US-Audited Stablecoins Debut, Experts See Massive Impact on Crypto Market

SEP 12, 2018 | by Joseph Young

New York approved two fully audited stablecoins from Gemini and Paxos, which experts say may largely impact the crypto market.

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Robinhood: How the Fast-Growing Stock Trading App Got Into Crypto

SEP 11, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal

The short overview of the second most valuable fintech startup in the U.S.

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What to Expect If Ether Futures Become a Reality?

SEP 08, 2018 | by Gareth Jenkinson

The possible launch of Ether futures could have both positive and negative ramifications for the cryptocurrency.

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Why Bitcoin Dropped by Over 10 Percent, Deleting $40 Billion From Crypto Market, Experts Explain

SEP 07, 2018 | by Joseph Young

Four experts speak to Cointelegraph about the 13 percent drop of Bitcoin, evaluating market slump.

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Why Japan’s Biggest Messaging App Line Decided to Create Its Own Crypto

SEP 04, 2018 | by Joseph Young

Japan’s biggest messaging app has launched its own blockchain network and cryptocurrency called LINK, with a vision to create a tokenized economy for 200 millio...

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Bitcoin Cash Drama: Battle Lines Drawn Ahead of Scheduled Hard Fork

AUG 28, 2018 | by Christina Georgacopoulos

The lack of consensus within the BCH community over November’s hard fork leaves the currency at risk of a split.

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The Mt. Gox Redemption: Heading Toward a Happy Ending?

AUG 28, 2018 | by Kirill Bryanov

Four years after the collapse, the hacked exchange has more money than it owes to its victims.

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Chinese Crypto Bans on WeChat Accounts, Events, and Exchanges: What Happened and Why

AUG 25, 2018 | by Joseph Young

In the past two months, the government of China has allocated the majority of its resources to strengthening its ban on cryptocurrency trading and the ICO marke...

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SEC U-Turn on ETF Rejection — A Balancing Act for Adoption?

AUG 25, 2018 | by Gareth Jenkinson

The SEC has made a u-turn on its rejection of a number of Bitcoin ETFs, suggesting the regulator is trying to find the balance between investor protection and b...

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