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Female crypto influencers speaking out about gender disparity in the crypto space were banned on Instagram — who’s to blame?
Uncovering the Reason Behind Female Crypto Influencers’ Instagram Bans
Rachel Wolfson
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Binance will join Swipe’s board of directors, but the firm is “able to run the company independently from Binance.”
Binance’s Second Acquisition of 2020 Is Related to Crypto Debit Cards
Helen Partz
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Reports of double-spending keep plaguing crypto firms and investors alike. Will this issue ever be resolved, or is it here to stay?
Bitcoin Double-Spends an Inevitable Network Feature, Legitimate or Not
Anirudh Tiwari
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Five key fundamental factors suggest that Bitcoin is preparing for an extended uptrend by 2021.
Bitcoin Price Rally by 2021 Looks Likely From Five Fundamental Factors
Joseph Young
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Documents shared with Cointelegraph confirm that Telegram refunded some American TON investors 72% of their investments about a month ago.
US Investor Backs up Telegram’s Claim of Completing $1.2B Refund
Helen Partz
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As PayPal is rumored to join the crypto game, what will it mean for the industry and the price of Bitcoin and Ether?
PayPal Dabbling in Crypto Could Make BTC a Mainstream Payment Option
Stephen O'Neal
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Most believe that the FCA’s latest efforts to monitor the U.K.’s crypto ecosystem are a step in the right direction.
When Big Ben Rings: UK FCA’s Stance on Crypto Seen as Harsh but Fair
Shiraz Jagati
Follow up
Chinese mining company Ebang has yet to see a positive net income in 2020, but an IPO might give it a jumpstart.
Ebang Hits Nasdaq IPO Running With Ambitious Expansion Plan
Stephen O'Neal

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