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Follow up
The CARES Act shed light on the possibility of a digital dollar. Meanwhile, a blockchain-based solution is also being explored. Will one of them launch soon?
Two Versions of Digital Dollar Emerge as Contenders, but Unlikely to Come Soon
António Madeira
The Cointelegraph team talks about their experiences in handling the coronavirus pandemic.
How the Cointelegraph Team Is Coping With the Coronavirus Crisis All Over the World
Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr
Follow up
Experts believe that Binance’s acquisition of CoinMarketCap is a sign that the crypto industry is dealing with the ongoing market collapse well.
Crypto Community Largely Approves of Binance Acquiring CoinMarketCap
Shiraz Jagati
Follow up
DeFi’s most important company, MakerDAO, narrowly avoids the hangman’s noose, carries out debt auctions to set things right.
Back From the Crypt: MakerDAO Toes the Line Between Life and Death
Joseph Birch
Follow up
Leaders from different corners of the crypto industry react to the sudden prospect of a digital dollar, highlighting both promise and peril for users.
Heads of Binance​.US, Ledger, and ZCoin Speak to Impact of Digital Dollar on Industry
Kollen Post
Follow up
The ex-Steem community continues to battle Justin Sun with the Hive hard fork — stakeholders seemingly migrating to the new network.
Hive Continues Independence Push as Steem Stakeholders Migrate to New Chain
Stephen O'Neal
Follow up
The Steem community continues its fight in one of the biggest crypto dramas of 2020 — rolls out Hive as an alternative.
Steem Community Resists Takeover, Hard Fork Launches Hive Network
Stephen O'Neal
Follow up
Brave’s use of various novel privacy and security features has helped the browser’s reputation grow quite substantially over the past couple of years.
Brave New World: Browser Challenging Google for the Future of Privacy
Shiraz Jagati

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