That is if you book your room with a help of, a Spanish travel agency that saw Bitcoin adoption as a good idea.

Some info about the company. Destinia’s HQ happens to be in Madrid, where it was founded thirteen years ago by Ian Weber and Amouda Gueli. Since the beginning the firm proved to be quite successful because it was the first among the local travel agency to provide its customers opportunity to book most of the services online. The convenience of the Internet support allowed it to stand out from the its competition and acquire a client base of something like a million users.

Destinia has numerous ways of satisfying its clients, cheap car rent, mountain resorts, skiing resorts, hotels, hostels, everything a traveler might wish. Very important is their flight searching platform that allows a user to find and book a flight, that “guarantees the cheapest prices and allows our clients to precisely see the route of a flight” (free translation). Their web page is available in 20 different languages so it’s a big chance that you would find your mother tongue.

Another convenient thing, with which doesn’t bother most firms are the price units of cryptocurrency. Usually any company that allows to make Bitcoin payments puts the price tags in BTC. However, at Destinia these are shown in mBTC (1 BTC = 1000 mBTC). Hence it’s both easier and somehow more fare. I mean psychologically, when you see how much something costs in mBTC, all you have to do is divide by 2, of course according to the somewhat stable price of 500 BTC per $ at the moment writing this article.

On the travel agency’s web page, they also praise the security of the Bitcoin, the thing that most companies ignore.

So, if you are planning a trip on your vacation now you have a place where you can empty your web wallet instead of your purse.