Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong was a great platform for the bustling Asian Bitcoin startup scene to show its muscle, and CT decided to get a taste of the action.

Our team toured the event seeking out a variety of the most innovative evolving businesses to get the scoop on their story, products and services, as well as their future plans and their opinion on some more unexpected topics! 

Hardware, trading platforms, ATMS - CT spoke to them all, and you can hear what they have to say in the video below.

We have talked to:
- Bitcoinnect,
- Lightningasic,
- BTC Gold Trading Centre,
- Bitmain,
- Mining Asics Technologies,
- Spondoolies-Tech,
- 796 Exchange,
- BitCrane,
- Coinant,
- Genesis Mining,
- Butterfly Labs,
- Coinarch
- Seedcoin,
- CoolIt Systems



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