Achain Partner: “I Want to Invest in Blockchain As High As I Can”

Cointelegraph continues publishing interviews with prominent guests of BlockShow Asia 2017, that took place in Singapore in November 2017.

Li Yuan, partner of Achain rocked the BlockShow audience with a new vision of the forking, making a comparison of Blockchain to Darwinian theory. After his pitch, he talked to Cointelegraph about his colleague fork theory, importance of background in the Blockchain industry.

Cointelegraph: What is your first impression of the Singaporean crypto community here today?

Li Yuan: I feel very warm because we have friends from all around the world. We are the same and we share the same interests and opinions about the future of Blockchain. It’s a very good platform for us to contact with each other, to build a relationship with each other. So I thank you for creating the platform for us.

СТ: What is that fork theory designed by Tony Cui you talked about? It inspired a lot of discussion in the social media. What is your personal impression of it?

LY: I think we want to switch people’s traditional theory about forks. In the past when most people mention the word “fork” it meant something bad because it’s not a consensus, but in Blockchain we need consensus. Actually, the fork is a technical level thing. You know what I mean? We cannot have a consensus on the fork! Also, because we need to build application in different areas and deal with different advances about technical strategy -- and every case is different, so we need different types of technical support.

How do we feel that will pass? We need to have different type of structure. So maybe the only way is to build a different Blockchain based on the same platform and in this way maybe the best way is fork. We want to change the idea, to switch the technical scene and human scene.

CT: What actually did inspire you to enter the crypto community in the first place?

LY: My background, I am a graduate student I majored in Computer Science. I am very attracted by the id