A DeFi platform says it offers the first artificial intelligence-powered yield farming aggregator that works across Binance Smart Chain and Solana.

KingDeFi has adopted a medieval theme as it interacts with users, who are referred to as “knights.”

The ecosystem wants to take the guesswork out of finding new and exciting opportunities in the decentralized finance space. Knights can provide liquidity and stake directly through the platform — and an intuitive monitoring function unlocks an at-a-glance insight into all of the major protocols operating on BSC and Solana.

With one click, users can receive automatic suggestions on where the best yields can be found, and these recommendations are customized based on the holdings in their wallet. A dashboard also brings together vital statistics such as annual percentage yields and the total values locked in each project.

Making DeFi safer

KingDeFi says all of the farming contracts that appear on its platform are pre-approved and ranked as safe by highly experienced developers, and this helps to make rug pulls — a common danger in the DeFi space — very unlikely. The technical standards of all projects are rigorously assessed before they are listed, with highly reputable and well-known projects getting priority access.

The platform’s native KROWN token has also undergone a security audit by TechRate, where no significant issues were identified.

A number of collaborations have already kicked off. One of them is with Beefy.finance, a food-themed project that has become one of the most successful on Binance Smart Chain.

A marketing-focused partnership has also been established with WXY as KingDeFi vies to expand into the Asian market. It’s hoped this will ensure that brand recognition is achieved among the project’s target audience, paving the way for endorsement from high-profile funds. Regular ask-me-anything sessions are being held in order to answer the questions that prospective users care the most about.

Over the past two months, KingDeFi’s team has expanded to include two highly skilled Solidity developers.

When it comes to the roadmap for the coming months, one of the top priorities centers on a crowdsale that’s due to begin on June 14 — lasting until June 18.

This will be followed by an initial DEX offering (otherwise known as an IDO) on June 21 that is designed to add liquidity to PancakeSwap and other major decentralized exchanges on Binance Smart Chain.

In a recent blog post, KingDeFi said: “This is a long-term project and we are looking for investors instead of short-term traders attempting to make a few bucks.”

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The Round Table

In keeping with the distinctive theme of KingDeFi, the project recently unveiled its top team in the form of “the Knights of the Round Table.”

King Arthur inevitably serves as the platform’s CEO and founder. With a background in banking, asset management and technology, he is based in Switzerland and has more than 10 years’ experience — previously in the employ of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, KPMG, and a number of tech startups.

An active Medium page helps users understand some of the complicated terms that can be offputting for those who are entering the world of DeFi for the first time — covering some of the most common indicators that investors need to keep across.

As its roadmap develops and evolves, KingDeFi is hoping to be knighted as one of the world’s premier yield farming aggregators — becoming a crown jewel of this rapidly evolving space.

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