Blockchain technology brings a faster and more convenient way to conduct transactions over the internet — from retail to financials, even extending as far as online poker. As one of the most played online gambling games, poker has brought a rise in users, and in turn, an increasing number of fake websites, deterring new players from ever starting to play.

While many argue that online poker is not rigged, many concerns have stemmed from the lesser-known sites. Regardless of the number of licenses or other approvals an online platform may have, many are still skeptical of things operating “completely right” on the other side, whether it is the actions taken so the room can charge the highest rake or certain players being “preferred.”

With blockchain technology, every hand dealt is recorded, so players can have full transparency into gameplay. Therefore, players will no longer need to rely on an unknown third party making claims about their website’s trustworthiness. 

The technology itself brings a more fair mechanism that allows players to bet on a publicized algorithm, ultimately supporting the grand gambling experience. But, what is even more unconventional for online gambling is the concept of play-to-earn, bringing forth new opportunities to enhance game immersion and build an interactive metaverse. Platforms can use a metaverse to create a setting where players can collect digital assets, adding a new layer to online gaming and further extending its appeal to a new audience group.

Polker is one platform striving to make this experience a reality. The platform is currently preparing to release a play-to-earn beta game later this month with intended support for next-gen VR, 3D characters, visual effects and environments. The platform makes the game available for everyone to play, even those who want to sharpen their skills without putting any money on the line.

Their team shares, their mission is “to increase interest in poker and NFTs in the cryptocurrency space.” They continue, by merging the two, they can “bridge the way for future projects while using blockchain as a mechanism to provide provably fair gameplay.”

A look into what makes it possible

To bring a level of fairness to the blockchain, Polker leverages their patent granted technology, the True Random Number Generator (TRNG). TRNG begins with the player’s seed, combines it with the Polker platform’s seed and the random nature of the block hash value, guaranteeing the randomness of the number generated. TRNG is used in conjunction with the potential of the blockchain to provide full transparency, further preventing cheating and other fraudulent practices. All gameplay data is stored in the hash of a smart contract, so the raw values can be compared and verified to prove no manipulation has occurred.

While the blockchain makes it trustworthy, the platform is also making a play for extended functionality. By leveraging Unreal Engine 4, a powerful 3D creation platform, Polker can create the immersive experience lacking from many major poker sites. 

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Other notable partnerships include Chainlink (LINK), an open-source, decentralized oracle network integrated into the Polker platform. The integration will provide a more decentralized and trusted service to players. An initial implementation of Chainlink’s on-chain live price feeds will replace the current API in Polker’s patented Multi Crypto Marketplace protocol.

Further, Chainlink’s oracle system on the high-throughput EVM compatible with Polygon (MATIC) network will ensure the most up-to-date on-chain price data is available to players. A similar approach is already being leveraged by Augur, a prediction market that requires both live and precise data.

In light of this news, the Polker team has announced a giveaway of ten nonfungible tokens (NFTs), with the first prize being a ‘Holo Ultra-Rare,’ previously sold for over 12,000 (3.38 ETH) on OpenSea.

More than a poker platform

Polker intends to make the online game platform more than just poker. With the rise of NFTs, online gaming is becoming a way for players to collect and earn NFTs that they can share with their friends and a larger community. 

Recent announcements have also pointed to Sept. 24, 2021, as the date that the staking of Polker’s native token will go live.

With many advancements to come, it’s no wonder why the R&B superstar Akon gave the platform a shoutout.

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