Successful deal at HitBTC

In my previous article, I talked about high prices at the HitBTC exchange, caused by the freezing of all BTC withdrawals. I have decided not to take advantage speculating. But there’s been voting among the exchange users, and Bitcoin withdrawals were decided to get enabled again. Of course, the prices aren’t what they used to be last week, but there was still something I could do. After learning about the return from BTC withdrawals to HitBTC, I immediately bought 24 Ethers elsewhere and transferred them to the exchange. I bought at 0.0418 per ETH and sold at about 0.04325. Ultimately, it was a three percent guaranteed profit. Not much, but it’ll come in handy.

The current makeup

This one easy HitBTC deal was followed by several days of receiving none buy signals whatsoever from the deals I had opened the previous week. Only on Monday did I get the opportunity to buy DCR and GNT at their possible correction peaks. These altcoins too have a weak correlation with each other. I have bought 7 DCR at 0.00966300 BTC per coin, and 500 GNT at 0.00005969.

Decred Exchange

Golem Exchange

Golem has displayed quite a decent growth recently. That growth looks like some sort of anomaly but I still have chosen to hope that something similar may take place again. However, I will not be making any rash decisions but rather hold onto my deal, waiting for a possible win.

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Live long and trade.

My Current Investment Portfolio

My Current Investment Portfolio

My Current Investment Portfolio