Amsterdam Gets its Own Bitcoin ATM

The beautiful city of Amsterdam now has a new attraction in addition to its canals, bicycle paths, red-light district, and coffee-shops: a Bitcoin ATM. 

Although it’s being heralded as the first Bitcoin ATM, the claim has not been verified. In any case, the new machine will further boost the reputation of “Mokum” as a Bitcoin-friendly city. You can find the ATM just a short walk from the Amsterdam Centraal railway station at the coffee-shop Courtyard of Wise. The ATM will start operating on Wednesday, April 30, during the Dutch Ethereum & Bitcoin Meetup. 
The machine is manufactured by the European market-oriented BTC-O-MATIC. According to their website, the price of one ATM is $US 3,000 (wholesale prices are discussed on a case-by-case basis) and can be delivered all across Europe by land. Door-to-door delivery is also included in the cost of an ATM, which is ready for operation upon arrival. 
The company also offers other ATM models whose prices ranges from $US 4,000 to $US 7,500 per unit: Flyex ($US 4,500), DualFly ($US 5,000), FlyMaster ($US 7,500), and MiniFly ($US 4,000). 
Of the above, the FlyMaster model will be the only one capable of conducting both deposit and withdrawal operations. But Bitcoin ATMs in general have been becoming more popular among Bitcoiners from Europe and Dubai to Australia and the US where companies such as Robocoin are quickly adapting to the increasing demand for Bitcoins. 
A few posters on have stated that the ATM will not require identification like in the US and will charge a fee from 2 to 5% based on Bitstamp’s rate. 
The new ATM is also arriving just in time for the Bitcoin Conference 2014, which will be held between 15 and 17 of May at the Mövenpick Hotel just a few minutes walk from the vending machine’s current location.
Expert's opinion from Roger Ver "I plan to go to the conference and check out the ATM while I'm there.  The more ways to people to convert to and from Bitcoin, the better."

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